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Dermal Filler Treatment

What are Dermal Fillers?

The Dermal Filler treatment begins with a consultation with a Prescription Skin Care expert who will assess the target areas and take you through the procedure. This preparation is essential for establishing the expectations and goals of the procedure.

Just before treatment, a qualified PSC expert may numb the targeted area, although most dermal fillers contain an anaesthetic. A local anaesthetic may be injected into more sensitive areas such as the lips.

The Dermal Filler is administered using a tiny needle which delivers the natural substance to the target area. The results are instantly visible, giving the patient the opportunity to witness the transformation as it occurs.

Our qualified experts know where and how to provide treatment to achieve the best results. Treatment will take about 30 minutes and doesn’t require any downtime. That means you’ll be able to return to work and regular activities straight after the procedure.

Who is suitable for Dermal Filler treatment?

The treatment is suitable for people with deep lines and wrinkles. As age, muscle contractions, sun damage, weight loss and general skin weathering occur, people’s appearance deteriorates from their desired aesthetic. This is one of the main reasons people seek the Dermal Filler treatment.

Regular skin care products don’t always work as planned or fail to have the instantly visible results people are looking for. Dermal Fillers are different. Receiving treatment has distinct benefits on appearance, giving recipients youthful, smooth looking skin. So for people looking to take an active approach towards eliminating wrinkles and lines, then the Dermal Filler treatment provides safe and reliable results.