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Intense Pulse Light Treatment

What equipment does Prescription Skin Care use?

Many cosmetic clinics use IPL treatments; Prescription Skin Care uses the Cutera Limelight device. This asset is a highly customisable and capable device which successfully removes sun spots and skin blemishes.

The Cutera Limelight is customised for high and low skin pigmentation and different skin types. This ability is an achievement many other IPL treatments can’t compete with and makes the Cutera a much more efficient, versatile and safer device for eliminating skin problems.

What’s involved in Intense Pulse Light treatment?

Once you’ve consulted with a Prescription Skin expert and discussed the goals and requirements of the procedure, then we can move forward with the treatment.

During the procedure the Cutera Limelight device will be gently pressed against the skin, emitting the light onto the affected areas. The intensity of the light wavelengths range is adjusted to suit the pigment of the skin for the best results. This type of light helps the body to produce collagen. This collagen will assist in smoothing the skin, removing scarring and reducing discolouration, redness and spots.

The entire process takes around 30 minutes, which obviously varies depending on the amount of intense pulse light treatment needed. Upon completion, there will be a short observation period. This time is used for any recovery, and so practitioners can assess the success of the treatment.