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Botox For Eyebrows

What’s an eyebrow lift?

A Botox ® eyebrow lift does exactly what the name suggests, it raises the arch of the eyebrow providing a fresh, relaxed look for patients. A popular treatment for both women and men, this anti-ageing procedure is designed to reduce the heaviness of the brow.

The Botox ® injection process for an eyebrow lift

Step 1: Your Doctor will examine the treatment area determining whether you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Step 2: A topical anaesthetic or ice may be placed on the brow to numb the area before the injection.

Step 3: A small amount of Botox ® is injected into the areas in and around the brow which relaxes the muscles and smooths the skin.

Step 4: The Doctor will provide you with specific after procedure instructions, which includes not touching the treated area for up to 4 hours.

In total, this should take around 15-20 minutes.

Why should you engage a professional for an eyebrow Botox ® injection?

It’s important that an eyebrow lift is conducted by skilled practitioners, like the team at Prescription Skin Care. There is a possibility that complications will arise from the procedure, and unsteady inexperienced hands increase the chances of this happening.

Over-injecting can lead to the drooping of eyelids as the frontalis muscle stops lifting your upper eyelids. Eyelid drooping is an adverse effect of Botox® that occurs when patients attend unproven and inexperienced practitioners. All of Prescription Skin Cares Botox ® practitioners are trained plastic surgeons from the New Zealand Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

We take into consideration the personal brow of every individual, examining the physical shape of the target area and then approaching it with your preferred look in mind. Before treatment we will assess the natural shape of your brow, considering the asymmetry of your face and where enhancements need to take place. The placement of the injections will determine whether your brow appears more arched or if it maintains a straighter appearance.

Wrinkles Around The Eyes

As you age the skin around your eyes begins to show wrinkles, although not all of these wrinkles are the same.

  • Fine Lines: Smaller lines that develop into deeper wrinkles over time.
  • Wrinkles: Darker more prominent lines
  • Crow’s Feet: Lines extending from the corner of your eyes
  • Dark Circles: Dark rings around the eye
  • Puffiness: Bloating of the skin around the eye
  • Discolouration: A change in the skin tone around the eye

How does the treatment work?

The treatment works by injecting affected areas around the eye and then smoothing away the wrinkles and lines that have culminated over the years as a result of frowning and general movement of the face. The top of the eyebrows are lifted, with the relaxation of the muscles and smoothing of the skin reinvigorating the eyebrow area and giving you a youthful look.

Treatment can also be undergone between the eyebrows for frown lines or glabella lines which are caused by excessive movement and contraction of the brow. This brow movement occurs when someone frowns, hence ‘frown lines’, causing wrinkles that can become permanently set between the eyebrows.

Botox treatment demonstration

A video of one our highly trained staff performing a quick and easy botox treatment in our Auckland Clinic.