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Botox For Forehead

Botox ® For Forehead Frown Lines

Forehead wrinkles, or frown lines, are something that will appear on everyones skin if given enough time. But if you’re not ready to welcome those lines with open arms Prescription Skin Care can help with its age defying Botox ® treatments.

When it comes to frown lines a lot of people suffer from what’s called a washboard forehead. This is where prominent wrinkles stand out as a result of natural ageing and forehead stress, making them look increasingly old. It’s possible for a Botox ® treatment to completely remove any signs of a washboard forehead, giving you straight, smooth looking skin instead.

How does Botox ® help to treat frown lines on the forehead?

Botox ® combats forehead wrinkles by reducing the action of the frontalis muscle in the forehead. This muscle is activated a lot for people with animated faces, causing these frown lines to develop.

Botox ® relaxes the muscles, reducing the amount of action that takes place in the problem area and therefore minimises the amount of stress natural movement has on the forehead area.

The Botox ® injection process for forehead frown lines

When administering Botox ® to a patient for forehead wrinkles the Prescription Skin Care team take into account the natural contours of every eyebrow and how men and women both have different aesthetic goals.

An arched eyebrow is considered more feminine, while a horizontal brow is thought of as being more masculine. Prescription Skin Care wants to meet the unique needs of each patient and always takes into account how Botox® for the forehead may affect the rest of your facial features.

Forehead injections need to be administered by a skilled practitioner. Prescription Skin Care has been performing Botox® injections for over 10 years, with forehead injections being a treatment we have confidently offered our customers for a long time.

Botox treatment demonstration

A video of one our highly trained staff performing a quick and easy botox treatment in our Auckland Clinic.